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What you will NOT find on this site

You will not find information leading to a connection to Bisphenol A and breast implants.  While information is being circulated about a connection, the proponents of a connection fail to show one evidentiary document that proves Bisphenol A was in any breast implant.
From 1962 until the early 90's, there were over 700 formulas in the manufacturing of silicone gel breast implants.  While Bisphenol A may be in some, there is no evidence of Bisphenol A in the formulas I have examined.
The site mistress has examined over 200,000 evidentiary documents.  To this date, January 11, 2009, I have found no documents that show Bisphenol A in any of the formulas I have reviewed.
If I ever do find such evidence, I will post the information here.  Until such time as I do, there will be no call to action from this site.

Thank you for dropping by. This site is dedicated to the 800,000* women who obtained breast implants from 1962-1992. They were the true "lab rats" in an unauthorized "study" that has never been objectively presented to the world. Many are gone but they are not forgotten.
* Based on manufacturer's documents

All evidentiary documents found on this site are public domain and may be ordered from the National Breast Implant Depository.
National MDL 926 Document Depository
South Hall of Irondale
2300 Crestwood Boulevard
Irondale, Alabama 35210.
(205) 957-5501.
Irondale is located on the southeastern side of Birmingham, Alabama. The Depository will be open and available for use by the parties in Birmingham on October 2, 2000.

MDL-Address Info

Thanks to all the plastic surgeons whose links are appearing on this site.  Your advertising dollars to Tripod/Lycos help me present the truth about the dangers of breast implants to the women you lure into your offices. That is not the way you intended, but is the way the "rest of the story" gets told:  the story the majority of plastic surgeons never share with their patients.

Journey through this world with us. Learn from the court evidence. Share the knowledge you gain in this site and those that link to it. Enter here.


FDA MEDWATCH - Critical - report all health and implant related incidents.

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Breast reconstruction is a temporary solution
to a permanent condition.


Last fall, my daughter Brenna began to experience vision problems. In the following months, she bravely kept on with her school work, valiantly striving toward her Masters in Criminal Justice Administration in spite of undergoing four surgeries in her left eye.
On May 26th, 4 1/2 classes from her Masters, after posting a message to her online class, Brenna went to bed about 3 AM. She was fine then. At 9 AM, when I went to awaken her, she had suffered an anoxic event of unknown cause.
Brenna is not awake yet but is greatly improved. She knows when Mom arrives in her room. She listens to her favorite music and to Alister Begg, her alltime favorite radio minister.
Let me share this with you. After a long day at the hospital, I came home, tired and worried. Not long after I went to sleep, I awakened suddenly to these words, "She SHALL BE HEALED!". The next day, as I sat by her bed, I told her that God is healing her and that God keeps his promises. Always. And I was reminded that not long before this incident, she told me that doubt and worry is an insult to God.
My little girl, your mom loves you so much and you have taught me so much. I look forward to the day when you will teach your mom again.
She has had the prayer support of so many people across this nation and even in foreign countries. I placed a map on her wall and place a star in the location where someone is praying for her. I want her to know that the power of united prayer upheld her in this very tragic time in her life.
For all of you who have prayed for her and sent the message to others, as her mom, I am forever grateful. Your prayers have given me wings of hope.
Thank you. God bless.

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